Barnet Rotarians enjoy listening to two special couples

Members of Barnet Rotary Club have listened to two special couples with Charitable interests and Rotarian Connections over the last two weeks.

On January 20th Julia and Guy Hickman-Wyatt spoke about the Refugee at Home Charity and on January 27th Rtn Paul Sennett and his wife Carol of the Rotary Club of Radlett spoke about Talking Newspapers.

Julia and Guy are the daughter and son in law of the late John Hickman a long standing Rotarian and former President of the Barnet Club and work with a Charity which accommodates individual asylum seekers and refugees in peoples homes. Julia and John have accommodated a number of individuals in their East Barnet Home over the years from several Countries including Syria, Iran and Nigeria.

Paul Sennett explained the important role of talking newspapers in todays e tech ociety, gone are the days of Cassette tapes and in are memory sticks!

Julia and Guy with President of the Club Colin
Julia and Guy with President of the Club Colin
Paul and Carol Sennett - Talking Newspapers
Paul and Carol with President Elect John and Rtn Shir-Li and Rtn Lin.